Saturday, 25 October 2014

JoyBlog is back...

...with a new design, and I promise to post more frequently. Well, more frequently than once every 20 months!

First up, here's a reminder of this DHDWF (Die-hard Doctor Who fan) as seen on Meridian News back in April.

This was by far my most shared and commented upon social media item EVER. Just goes to show what dressing up with a Tom Baker scarf at the opening of a new TARDIS police box in Boscombe can do for your profile. The Police Box was still there last weekend and looking in good shape.

I'm also hoping to post some of my older interviews and articles on this blog, not least because a lot of the magazines I wrote them for are no longer around and won't be worrying about things like copyright.

A fortnight today I'll be up at the newly regenerated Dcotor Who Experience in Cardiff, so photos and a full review are inevitable, as will a new Radley handbag for Mrs Joy (again, the price I pay for being a DHDWF).

And then at the end of November my fellow Timelord Andy and I will be attending attending Project Motormouth in Slough where we'll be meeting Peter Capaldi, getting autographs and photos, all for charity. 

50th anniversary? That's soooo last year!

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